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Search Engine Optimisation — SEO
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term SEO, let me enlighten you. Search Engine Optimisation is a way of optimising your web site in order for it to be indexed and ranked with Search Engines.

People do three things on the internet, they check email, go to sites they know or which are in their bookmarks (such as Xtra or facebook) and use a search engine (such as Google or Yahoo), to find information. Having your website listed with a search engine and optimising your site for a high ranking is critical to getting visitors to your site. However, not all traffic is considered equal, not only do you want to have a good search engine rank you want to get relevant traffic from the search engine which involves careful consideration of keywords and positioning. SEO is an ongoing process and involves continuous testing to see what is working and what isn't. Having a good SEO marketing strategy should be a part of any online marketing plan.

Tip of the month: Web Forums
"Visitors to your web site by way of forums are worth two to six times the average visitor. Why? Well, I've found that forum visitors are proactive information seekers, community-minded participants, and engaged users. They do more everything. " Josh Klein

According to research done by Josh, using Google Anaylitics, his forum visitors are 75% more likely to be repeat visitors to his website, they view over 3 times more content (pages) than the average visitor. When someone from the forums goes to his web site, they spend an average of 18 minutes on the site. That's 532% of the average for all visitors, who visit for 3 minutes on average.

Why? Forums create visitors who are interested in learning more through self enducation, and are looking to engage with like minded people. Forums are about conversations and communities, building trust amongst your audience will establish an interest in the rest of your business and repeat visitors to your website.

Inspiration: Infectious Car Art
Vinyl stick-ons from Infectious Car Art. The wide range of removable designs includes psychedelic swirls, dots and creatures that you can string down the entire side of your car. Or design your own and enter to win $500!

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