dcm design News Aug 2008 | Vol 9

  • Redesign vs Realign
  • Tip of the month: Drive visitors to your site through content
  • Inspiration: Semi-Permanent 2008

Redesign vs Realign
Recently I was asked by a very long standing client of mine to do a redesign of their web site. I wasn't too sure about it as we had redesigned the site about a year ago (which it really needed), and I felt that redesigning was a radical, not to mention expensive move that wasn't really necessary. We would have been better to realign the site, ie look at what was working and tweak the bits that weren't.

Often redesigning is seen as the way to solve problems with a site, problems such as low response, or usability issues. There are ways to address these problems without completely overhauling your design. Obviously there are times when a redesign is essential, and I get excited by overhauling a site that has become stagnant and outdated with the same content, images and layout from 5-10yrs ago, but often a redesign isn't the answer to your web site. issues!

Cameron Moll addresses redesign vs realign here

Tip of the month: Drive visitors to your site through content
I have written on this before, but I feel that it is worth bringing up again. Content is key to any online business, having a lot of graphics, flash and fancy javascript gets old and frustrating (due to download times, not working properly for all browsers, often with little time actually spent on usability).

It is important to remember why you have a web site. in the first place, are people there to find information or play games? Good Quality content drives relevant visitors and repeat visitors, invest in good content!

Inspiration: Semi Permanent 2008
This past weekend saw the design community gathered in Auckland for the annual Semi-Permanent design conference. I have been to Semi-Permanent in the past and have not been that impressed by the speakers but as I was given a free ticket I thought I would check it out. I can happily say this was the best Semi-Permanent ever! I really enjoyed all the speakers, and was really inspired especially by Marian Bantjes — www.bantjes.com, Joel Gethin Lewis,— www.joelgethinlewis.com, Danny Yount — www.dannyyount.com and Stefan Sagmeister — www.thingsihavelearnedinmylife.com. Thank you to all involved, you will definitely see me next year!

Till next time : )

Kind Regards

Denise & Lesley

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