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Well the hot weather continues! Sustainability seems to be the buzz word at the moment, we look at how your business can make a difference.

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  • Sustainability and your business
  • Tip of the month: Consistency
  • The 20 Worst Album Covers of 2007

Sustainability and your business
What does sustainability mean for your business? Simply stated, if you don't manage your business with respect to environmental and social sustainability, your business will not be sustained! However, if you do have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability it can help grow your business.

Putting the "Rules" to Work for Your Business

To start capitalizing on the many market opportunities represented by sustainability, consider the following:

  1. Think and act holistically. It is no longer enough to focus on functional benefits alone.
    ASK: What are we making (product or service? Green or not?) How are we making it? Who are we working with?
  2. Take advantage of the opportunities that green marketing represents to engage consumers on an emotional level and thus, build brand equity.
    ASK: how can we make our passion and vision relevant and engaging—and our consumers into advocates? How can we empower consumers to make a difference by providing them with education, infrastructure, events, and experiences?
  3. The way you communicate will be critical to success (and will help you avoid " greenwashing ").
    ASK: How to ensure that our approach is viewed as authentic? Transparent? Are all stakeholders aware of our intentions and progress? Is our vision embedded in the fabric of our company?
  4. Eco-innovation represents new ways to grow top line sales.
    ASK: How can we inspire consumers? What technology and partners do we need to gain access to?
  5. Strive for an ideal goal of "zero" environmental impact. Strive to eco-innovate rather than simply eco-design.
    ASK: What would it take to achieve zero environmental impact and still meet our consumers' needs? Can we make consumers more "responsible"? It's one thing to design better products and technologies. But, at some point, industry's efforts will go only so far. Achieving "zero" environmental impact will come about only if changes can be made in consumer behavior—thus the genius of Toyota's dashboard, and Web sites that engage consumers in more responsible forms of behavior.

by Jacquelyn Ottman
November 20, 2007. For the full article click here

Tip of the month: Consistency
I am always amazed at how many small companies fail to use consistency throughout their corporate stationery, website, and other promotional material. Building a strong corporate identity implies a professionalism which will improve your credibility and help people to remember you. How can you achieve consistency?

  • Have a logo designed by a professional designer that reflects your companies values, business and customers, who should also develop a style guide around this
  • Always use the style guide when creating new promotional tools for your business
  • Know your business, how do you want to be perceived? Who are your customers? What are your core values? Does your new 'ad', brochure, website reflect this?

The 20 Worst Album Covers of 2007
As the end of every year there are a lot of best of lists, so we thought you might find this list just as inspiring!

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