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Tip of the month: The online registration form
According to usability tests done by Jakob Nielsen (http://www.useit.com) the registration and sign-in processes are the most problematic, and also the most common reason for shoppers to abandon their purchase. Designing a registration system that doesn't frustrate users is difficult to achieve without proper planning. Below are some key points to bare in mind when creating your registration form:

  1. Do you really need the registration form? — your first decision would need to be the relevance of the registration form. What are the benefits to your users and to your company in having users register before they can purchase, or read your newsletter etc. Make sure you have a clear reason for getting users to create a login and password.
  2. Outline the benefits of registration for the user — most users have an aversion to registering in the first place, just asking them to register and give you all their information without telling them why can be reason enough for some users to turn away.
  3. Forgot password link — with so many sites asking for registration, users easily forget what they used for signing into your site. Make it visible, ie under the login form, don't make users search for the link.
  4. Asking for too much information — if users are presented with a huge amount of questions, they are less inclined to want to fill in your registration form. Keep it simple and relevant!
  5. Tell users what you are going to do with their info — users don't enjoy giving you their personal information, make sure you have a privacy policy, outlining how you are going to be using their info.

Creating a perfect registration and sign-in process is not easy, I would recommend continuous testing of new and existing users.

Keith Ferrazzi— Life Coach Tool
As it is the new year, time for goal setting and reflection, we thought you might find benefit from Keith FerrazziLife Coach Tool. http://www.keithferrazzi.com/lifecoachtool/

Final Thoughts
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg CBS interview

Hope you are all making the most of this fantastic summer weather!

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