dcm design News July 2008 | Vol 8

We have passed mid-winter and spring is only a few short weeks away, although I bet some of you are really enjoying the snow! This month's newsletter looks at 'attitude'

  • Do You Really Want a Logo That Only Costs $100?
  • Tip of the month: Get familiar with web jargon
  • Inspiration: Star Wars alphabet

Do You Really Want a Logo That Only Costs $100?
You get what you pay for in this life, and why should it be any different for you logo design! A good logo, is the starting point of your business brand/identity and should be the seed from which the business grows.

If you are paying $100, you shouldn't expect the designer to spend more than 2hrs on it, which is definitely not enough time to research and become familiar with your unique business.

Although most really good logo's are just a few lines or marks (eg, nike, McDonalds, Shell etc) most of these took months and countless hours to perfect. Now they are instantly recognisable marks, don't sell yourself short invest in a great logo design!

Tip of the month: Get familiar with web jargon
PHP, HTML, Javascript, MYSQL, Flash... do these terms mean anything to you? If not, chances are you could easily be lead to making the wrong decision when it comes to upgrading your website, which will cost you money.

I spoke to someone who had recently had a website created only to discover that his web host provider didn't support the programming language and database that had been used to create the application. Needless to say he either had to move to another webhost provider who did (not always easy when you host with a sister company overseas) or have his whole site remade at a cost! Knowing a little about the technology would definitely of helped him understand that although the site was initially much cheaper to make(due to the server side language used) overall the cost to him was greater.

If you are unsure about what your web needs are, or if you are completely baffled by "Web Speak" come and chat to us. For a no obligation, one hour FREE consultation. Email us mail@dcm.co.nz.

Inspiration: Star Wars alphabet
Illustrator Michael Fleming has drawn a different character for every letter, and while there's no Luke or Leia here, the C- and D-list characters bring their own charms. Plus, Fleming's style gives these 'droids and monsters a storybook feel with just the right touch of sweetness.

Till next time : )

Kind Regards

Denise & Lesley

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