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dcm design is committed to helping companies improve their business. This month's newsletter deals with marketing on the internet.

  • Facebook & you
  • Tip of the month

For those of you who have not heard of Facebook it is an online community (as they put is -- Facebook is a social utility that connects
you with the people around you) which is growing daily which has recently received a lot of money from Mircosoft for a small share of the company. How does this benefit you?

Facebook Flyers are the sidebar ads on Facebook, and they're controlled by Facebook. You can now create a flyer that lets you target the ad viewer on a range of criteria, including sex, age, city, education or any keyword that's listed in the person's stated interests!

Being able to target your ads with such precision is a real benefit to advertisers.

Tip of the month
Getting the most from your website.

Listed are a few ways you can use your website to act as a marketing tool, to collect information, distribute information and grow your business.

  1. Use your website as an information collector — collecting information about your users will help you sell your product or service and to do a better job with customer relations. It is easy to do this through feedback forms and surveys etc which are an ambiguous and non-threatening way to collect customer responses.
  2. Use your website to distribute information — delivering the right content is imperative to how successful your site will be. Customers are often coming to your site for a reason, if you know what this is you are better able to answer their questions and provide other relevant information. Offers, credentials, education, incentives, ordering info, support, enthusiasm, image are all important content headers.
  3. Stats — it is very easy to monitor your web stats, most web providers offer some software which monitors your website, providing information about what your customers are viewing, how many are coming back and what is not working for you, as well as other interesting info. (If your web host doesn't provide any web stat software, Google analytics, is a good place to go)
  4. Image — for many your site will be the first point of contact with your company, it should reflect your corporate image & brand
  5. Update — keep information coming, never let your site remain stagnant, treat it like a living document and review content at least every 3 months. What is working? What content needs to be updated? Based on your stats and information findings create a site that customers want.

And now for a bit of fun, we recommend getting out and about more this month, if you are anything like us over the winter we have been hibernating like a couple of bears!

Next time we take a look at email newsletters and how to get the most from your email marketing campaigns.

Kind Regards

Denise & Lesley

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