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dcm design would like to wish everyone "Happy Holidays". We are definitely looking forward to enjoying some of the hot weather!

This month's newsletter deals with email marketing.

  • Australia, world's top brand
  • Tip of the month

AUSTRALIA World's Top Brand (Again!)
According to this year's Country Brand Index (CBI), Australia once again earned the coveted spot as the world's top country brand, with the United States ranking second and the United Kingdom ascending to third. New Zealand does make the top 10 coming in at number 8.
http://www.4hoteliers.com/4hots_nshw.php?mwi=3754 .

Tip of the month
Email Marketing, looking at what you say can determine how successful your e-newsletters are.

  1. Wording can make or break — changing " Sign up for our newsletter" to "Sign up to be notified of discount offers," results in more online registrations, and when using direct sales, ask someone whether they want to receive notification of discount offers and sales as opposed to whether or not they wanted to receive the weekly newsletter.
  2. Top 100 words NOT to use in your subject lines — these will definitely get you blocked!
    100% free 50% off act now all words that relate to sex or pornography all words that related to cures or medication
    amazing anything that looks like you are YELLING apply now as seen as seen on Oprah as seen on TV avoid be your own boss buy call now cash bonus cialis click here collect compare consolidate contains $$$ contains word "ad" credit Dear Friend discount don't delete double your anything< double your income e.x.t.r.a. Punctuation earn earn $ earn extra cash easy terms eliminate debt extra income fast cash financial freedom for only for you FREE free free access free gift free info free instant free offer free samples! friend g a p p y t e x t get get out of debt hello herbal hidden home based hot information you requested instant levitra life insurance limited time loans lose lose weight lower your mortgage rate lowest insurance rates make money medicine mortgage multi level marketing notspam now only numerical digits at the end offer online degree online marketing online pharmacy only open opportunity promised you refinance removes reverses satisfaction search engine listings serious cash starting with a dollar amount stop or stops teen undisclosed recipient valium vicodin winner work from home xanax your family Your own You're a winner! Sourced from Jordan Ayan, CEO of SubscriberMail
  3. Deliver quality content — try not to make your email all about "you", your product, your company etc, this is the quickest way to send your newsletter to the trash. What is in it for the reader? Why should they keep coming back to your newsletter?
  4. Emails that are badly written — People are busy. Get straight to the point in simple, clear no nonsense writing.

"In a world of increasingly busy email inboxes, the best advice may be to ask a lot less of your customers. Target your emails more carefully. Keep them more focused. Get to the point quickly and make the value of your offer jump out. And make sure the writing is of a high quality. " Nick Usborne is an online copywriter and Web optimization expert. You can reach him through his site: nickusborne.com

We will see you in the New Year!

Kind Regards

Denise & Lesley

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